Core Values

 “Our vision for Shara Community Gardens is to bring people together to grow food, promote sustainable living and share knowledge, creativity and culture”.


Our 5 Core Values Are:


Respect for the living universe

It all grows from here. By respecting our Mother, the land, and her timeless custodians, we work with care and love.


There is joy in creating new worlds. Let our imaginations run free!


Our community is all of us together. Everyone is welcome to get involved and bring in their unique skills.

Self-sufficiency and sustainability

In response to diminishing ‘cheap’ energy and ‘freely available’ earth resources, let’s build our own resilience through localised food production and self-sustaining systems of living, such as Permaculture.


With deep respect for each other, we recognise the power of the collective and the joy in creating together, while appreciating the uniqueness of each individual.


“The Shara Gardens Steering Group helps to coordinate and guide the activities of the community gardens site. This involves coordinating volunteers and projects, working with council and nearby residents, creating newsletters, maintaining memberships, seeking grants and much, much more. With a range of skills, experiences and passions, we are always seeking new steering group members. If you have a knack for working with others, don’t mind attending meetings and can think big and small, please contact us to get involved!”


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